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Q: Does '5Di' mean anything?

A: Yes, the '5D' bit is a subtle reference to the five dimensions of the VPEC-T framework created by Nigel Green and Carl Bate - the '5' is the five dimensions: Values, Policies, Events, Content and Trust. The 'i' stands for the five areas we specialize in: information, integration, insight, idea-stimualtion and innovative-approaches..

Q: Do you provide interim or contract Architects?

A: While our focus is on providing advisory services, we do use our network to fill contract and interim roles.

Q: Do you provide services outside the UK?

A: Yes, with an emphasis on Europe, Asia and United States.

Q: Do you provide TOGAF training and Enterprise Architecture Certification?

A: No, we leave that to others. Our focus is on taking a pragmatic approach to Enterprise Architecture using patterns and lessons learnt from experience. We do, however, have many years experience in the practical application of TOGAF, Zachman and other frameworks.

Q: Do you focus on a particular software vendor's product or toolset?

A: No, we are 'vendor neutral'. We are more focused on the demand-side of Enterprise Architecture and specialize in aligning business operating models with IT operating models - and business architectures & strategies with IT ones.

Q: Do you partner with other IT-product-focused consultants?

A: Yes, we often collaborate with other consultants and systems integrators who have specialist software product knowledge. Our clients say such a combination gives them a balanced perspective.

Q: What makes 5Di different?

A: We apply a blend of problem-solving, collaboration and design techniques to CIO's challenges -  and the broader business/IT change agenda. We believe Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management and Organizational Design/Development are the three pillars of solid change design. We're a  independent advisory hybrid that focuses on 'People-Business-IT',   that is both, practically-experienced, and fast-paced  - we think that combination makes us stand out from the crowd.
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