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Workshop #1: Discovering the Barriers and Enablers to Business Change
Business Change, large and small, requires a clear understanding of what “Good looks like” in the new Business-as-Usual, what things are in the way of "Getting-to-Good”, and the things that’ll help the journey to the envisioned change. What’s needed is a business-natural language that focuses less on mechanistic practices, procedures and technologies and more on a holistic view of business behaviour.  Such a language helps focus discussion on the key outcome-affecting aspects of change rather than functional detail and helps preserve critical knowledge throughout the change journey.  This workshop introduces a language of only five words; Values, Policies, Events, Content and Trust (VPEC-T) and puts it in the context of change journey using a simple Business Change Design method.

The workshop will demonstrate how this language provides a quick way of discovering both the barriers and enablers to business change including those that are often missed by traditional methods. The workshop comprises a number of case study examples and will include a number of interactive exercises that demonstrate the value of VPEC-T thinking framework and the Business Change Design approach.  This workshop is targeted at Enterprise Architects and BPM practitioners, involved in shaping and planning strategic business change at CxO level.

The Facilitators:

Padraig Hyland worked for years as an international business professional in Asia, USA and Europe for major blue chip organisations. He set up my own coaching practice to work in areas that he is passionate about. In particular, a passion for enabling organisations and people to achieve their potential for results and fulfilment. He works with a number of international organisations as a performance coach in areas such as change management, sales performance and leadership. Padraig  is an established “talking-head” at www.meettheboss.tv.

Nigel Green is a business change consultant, IS advisor and author who specialises in the conception, management and delivery of business-led IT solutions. His list of favourite authors hints at his values and interests: philosophers, economists, architects, physicists, anthropologists, entrepreneurs, technologists and systems theory thought leaders are on that list. A business/IT translator for over 25 years, Nigel specializes in large organizations with complex and distributed operating models. Nigel Green is the coauthor of Lost In Translation.
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