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Business Change Design
Business Change Design is a multi-view approach to solving business problems. It emphasises the need to explore business, technology and human dimensions of change. It's ideally suited to situations where a large change programme is being planned and provides the most value if performed before change programmes are launched. It requires a mindset that considers the full context and possible consequences of the planned change and is open to learing from good practice and successful outcomes elsewhere. It embraces the people-centric, emotional aspects of change such as values and trust-relationships. It focuses on the discovery and communication of the intended outcomes and embeds meaning and purpose within change programmes.

The Business Change Problem

Gartner say: "Enterprises require a new discipline for embracing transformation, innovation and strategy in the face of accelerating change driven by a hyperconnected business environment.The conventional engineering mind-set focused on algorithms, analysis and quantification is ill-suited to the ambiguous and creative process of transformation, innovation and strategy".

Aligned with Gartner's perspective, Business Change Design is a discipline that emerged from Business Analysis, Management Consulting, Enterprise Architecture, Systems Theory and Design Thinking.

Business Change Design:

Nigel Green (the owner of 5Di Ltd) adopted  ‘Business Change Design’ to describe what he does for a living. Nigel has been championing simplified, multi-point-of-view, problem-solving since 2005 and this was behind the 5D lens thinking framework described in the book he co-authored in 2007. This framework played an important part in the development of Business Change Design concept. Nigel, along with a growing community of practitioners has been practicing many aspects of Business Change Design with business and governments for several years.

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