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Click on the image to see more about  a Cloud  solution based on 5Di's event-based design patterns - used by the US military today.
Enterprise Integration Design

5Di is known for its expertise in Integration Architectures and Event Processing strategies. We have extensive experience of the challenges of internal and external Business and IT integration with Fortune 100 organizations. We help organizations select the architectural styles and patterns (e.g. SOA, WOA, BPM, MDM and DDA) that fit their internal applications and external service (The Cloud) needs. We specialize in the integration of large-scale, federated, organizations and businesses that have grown through acquisition.

We're famous for  the VPEC-T thinking framework click on the Wikipedia button for more.
We're Business Change Designers

Business Change Design is a multi-practice approach to solving business problems. It is a  blend of Systems Thinking, Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management  and Organisational Development. It deals with the design of business, technology and human aspects of change programmes in order to tackle the difficult change barriers  before expensive programmes are kicked-off.

Clearer meaning-of-intent, simplified & succinct documents, better IT systems and a faster, less painful, journey to the 'New Business-as-Usual' are the outcomes of  well-executed Business Change Design. More about Business Change Design here.